Tips and Tricks for Taking Awesome Teen Selfies


Indoor teen selfieYou don’t need to be an Instagram influencer to take amazing teen selfies now and then, enjoying your photos and the process of taking them. It’s true creativity because you can get excellent results from using different shooting techniques.

People often place too much importance on external attributes when trying to take successful selfies. Using a selfie stick, the exotic scenery around you, and even perfect makeup are not that important. The main thing is to look natural in the photo and be able to emphasize your strengths.

The concept of “selfies” has only recently entered the vocabulary, but the concept of a self-portrait is not new. Modern cell phones didn’t exist decades ago when artists created self-portraits, but contemporary images don’t pretend to be artistic creations. But how do you take the perfect photo? Learn a few practical tips for taking great selfies!

Add light

If you take your pictures in low light, you will get deep shadows or look dim. Go for sunlight or at least take selfies somewhere indoors with good lighting. Have you noticed how many different screens photographers use in studios?

Put a piece of white paper under your chin to reflect the light and make you disperse the shadows.

Look in the direction of the

If you always take pictures of yourself looking straight at the camera. It could be the reason you’re left unsatisfied with the results. Most people look better when they look slightly to the side, so experiment with this to find your best angle.

Emphasize your best features

If you want to focus on your amazing lips, hold your cell phone a little lower; if you want to highlight your heart-shaped chin, take a picture from the side or under your face.

If you have a beautiful forehead and stunning eyes, you should point your cell phone overhead. Take the time to hide what you think are your flaws. Remember that your flaws can be your nice features.

Do this first thing in the morning.

While teen selfies from bed are a thing of the past, and everyone wants to give themselves the fresh, glowing look they have after a resort vacation, we’re talking about taking selfies when you’re about to leave or have just left home. When your hair is washed and styled and your makeup is fresh, it’s the best time to indulge in gorgeous photos!

Tilt your head back a little

Here’s a quick tip to make your neck look longer and emphasize your chin line: pull your head slightly back. Try to hold this pose while looking at the camera. Make sure your neck and face look relaxed, so you don’t look like you’re holding your breath.

You don’t need to laugh for the photo, smile, and sometimes you don’t need to smile.

Laughing teen selfies have a right to exist, they are great when you want to show how much fun you’re having. But laughing can hide other features of your face, such as your unique eyes, to emphasize wrinkles. Try to show that you’re having a good time by smiling so that your eyes don’t turn into slits.

You need to experiment with different facial expressions to find what works best for you and makes you look and feel you’re most attractive.

All the pictures are alright, and there’s no perfect one.

If you have a lot of cool teen selfies instead of one perfect one, put them together in a collage, choosing pictures that express your personality.

But it’s not just your facial expression that’s important. Pay attention to the background, use accessories, and the color of clothing that suits you. Most importantly, keep experimenting and have fun!

Choosing the right angle

A strict full-face and profile is not the best solution. In most cases, the 3/4 turn of the head is recommended. However, it is important to consider your individual physique. If you have a second chin or your neck seems short and full – lift your chin and move your shoulders back slightly. If you have a scar on your left cheek, for example, take a picture on the right side and so on. Remember also that half of our faces are asymmetrical – choose the one that seems most attractive.

Setting up your camera

Surveys are occasionally conducted by bloggers and smartphone reviewers to find out how many users have at least once looked at the camera settings. And your phone probably has a lot to adjust. It’s not just the usual brightness and contrast but also sharpness, focus, saturation of colors and individual shades, textures, mirroring, and more. Experiment and choose the best modes, settings, and filters for your teen selfies.

Selecting the background

Photos in toilets, against carpets and threadbare sheets, are boring for most social media users. Show a little respect for those who will be looking at your photos by choosing a background. It should be simple and concise but not shocking, banal, and alienating. Then all the attention will be drawn to you, and no visual discomfort to the beholder is not experienced.

What girls and guys should consider


Girls are often afraid to look overweight or chubby in pictures. To avoid the effect of fatness, do not pull your head into the shoulders – it guarantees a second chin. Also, try to avoid taking pictures of yourself from below. Avoiding bright red lipstick, artificial lighting, and furrowed brows will help you look younger in photos and prevent you from appearing older than you are.


What young men are most afraid of is appearing feminine and overly thin. If you do not possess the desired muscle mass, try to give up photos in short-sleeved shirts – long sleeves, cardigans, and sweaters will be more appropriate solutions. It is not recommended to use “classical” tricks like arms crossed on the chest to “increase” the biceps or to suffer from “wide back syndrome.” The body’s position must be natural; there should be no artificiality, no feeling of your stiffness.

How to take beautiful teen selfies: top 7 secrets

Outdoor teen selfie

  • Avoiding shadows is the first rule of a good photographer. Even the most fantastic photograph can be ruined by shadow. To avoid it, learn to capture the light. Keep light sources away from your back. You can hardly make shadows disappear, even with graphic editors. Be careful with face and body shadows; they can create questionable visual effects.
  • Use the functionality of your phone. Learn the phone settings, find the best mode, and, if necessary, manually adjust the brightness, contrast, and color saturation. If you have enough time, conduct a series of experiments – take pictures with different settings. How do I learn how to adjust my phone and take good pictures? There is no universal instruction for all smartphones. Read individual expert recommendations given specifically for your model.
  • Choose the best camera for you. You can take teen selfies not only on the front but also on the main camera. Don’t forget about the possibility of using the countdown timer – even in 4-6 seconds, it is realistic to take the most advantageous position and take a picture on the main camera. Ideally, you can set up your phone statically. Not necessarily on a stand or tripod – it can be mounted on any flat surface with support. This prevents blurry pictures and makes your images clearer.
  • Remember the 45-degree rule. What is the right way to take teen selfies if your photogenic side is far from perfect? Try using the 45-degree rule. The idea is not to take full-face photos; it’s better to use them for documents. Turn your head to the left or right at 45 degrees. According to experts, this position is the most photogenic for the vast majority of people. Try turning both ways and choose the one that seems most appealing.
  • Take pictures with your arm outstretched. Don’t reach for the camera, and don’t face away from it – find the best angle with an outstretched arm or a selfie stick. The range of coverage is fantastic, and the potential for finding the best angle is much greater. How high should you hold the camera? That’s for you to decide. In each case, the optimal height will be different, and you can only pick it up through trial and error.
  • Watch your facial expressions. Not fake emotions, but rather the mood should be conveyed in the image. How frequently do you see pictures on social media of young women from the nearby hamlet sporting the expression of a British duchess or a chic luxury model? Don’t you get a sense of dissonance? Aim for natural, inherent emotions. It is highly discouraged to portray, much less display, grief. Social media is not the place to seek solace. Try to show your followers only positive emotions to avoid unnecessary questions.
  • Add some slimness to yourself. A little slimness has never hurt anyone. Don’t take photos from below, and don’t pull your head back into your shoulders. To get an open look, a tight chin, and a cleavage look, hold the camera slightly above eye level with your outstretched arm. If the photo is “with legs,” you can correct the width of your hips by turning your knees slightly inward. Remember that a slight tilt to the side and an arm at the waist visually slim the silhouette.

15 ideas for beautiful teen selfies

Coming up with something new is quite tricky because Instagram is full of enjoyable, memorable,e and original teen selfies that seem cool. Don’t feel bad because the most ordinary selfies can acquire a special appeal with the help of some tricks:

Find an excellent background.

You can’t take selfies with just yourself because there is usually something behind you, which greatly affects the viewers’ perception of the photo. If you strive to bring creative teen selfies, you must be careful about the background.

Something ordinary might work for a couple of photos, but for the rest, you need to look for an original, trendy, or even intriguing background.

Take care of the lighting.

Lighting plays a vital role in any genre of photography, and selfies are no exception. All the excellent teen selfies you can find on the Internet have one thing in common: even accurate and proper lighting.

The basic rule here is to face the light source, not turn your back on it. This will bring out distinct details and clean lines.

Rule of thirds

Photographers whose profiles boast professional selfies always stick to the rule of thirds. This simple technique yields excellent results. Remember that your face must be in the top corner of the image.

Both the right and the left sides will do. The bottom corners will also work. Experiment with different ideas for selfies, keeping this trick in mind.

Show what’s new in your life.

Graduated from university? Take selfies in a cap and gown! Bought a new car? Capture that moment!

Have you cooked a new meal? Take selfies and share them with your followers! Pick the right selfie-style pose and tell people about the new things happening in your life!

Take pictures from different angles.

Everyone has their best angle. Do you know yours? If you doubt how to show yourself in selfies, take a few shots left, right, and middle.

Study the photos and decide which one makes your facial features look the most attractive. Then hold the camera a little higher and keep tilting your head at different angles to find the one that beautifully highlights your cheekbones, lip line, and neck.

Whichever angle you choose, don’t forget to move your neck forward a bit. Otherwise, you might get a double chin. Of course, this is not something you can show off in cool selfies!

Selfies without a face.

If you’re having a bad day and feeling tired or have something wrong with your makeup but still want to take selfies, consider giving up your face. This can be called one of the strangest ideas for selfies, but such photos look very intriguing.

You can focus on your clothes, accessories, bags, shoes – anything but your face.

Use the back camera to take pictures.

While most people use the front camera for selfies, the rear camera can offer more advantages. First of all, it has more megapixels, which means photos will be of higher quality without extensive graininess.

Of course, you need to practice using the rear camera, especially when it comes to creative group selfies, to get everyone in the frame. But the result is worth the effort.

Stay moderate with photo editing.

The most valuable programs for improving your selfies are Lightroom and Photoshop.

If you don’t have time or desire to edit them, ask professional photographers, and everything will be done quickly and professionally.

Group selfies.

“Selfie ideas with friends” is a frequent search query because people often like to take pictures while having fun with friends. Group selfies are also called “selfies” and are a great way to add depth and dynamics to your images.

You can also start with “selfies” to get everyone relaxed and used to the camera, and then proceed to take individual photos.

Photo from above.

One creative idea for selfies is to take pictures from above. Not only is it unusual, but it also has several advantages. For example, this angle slows a face and completely hides the double chin.

With your lover.

If there is someone you love with all your heart, why not take a couple of selfies? There are many ideas for selfies for couples, such as the guy standing behind the girl and hiding part of his face behind his head or the girl closing her eyes and kissing him on the cheek. Anything you’re both comfortable with will look great.

See also: How to take a beautiful picture with your boyfriend?

Take a picture of a body part.

The Internet is full of full-face selfies. This photography technique means taking a picture of yourself without anyone else’s help.

You hold the camera and take a picture. It only involves part of your face. You can attempt to conceal a portion of your body while taking selfies because of this. This is one of the most popular selfie ideas for girls, although boys can try it too.

Casual Style

People are very tired of selfies with pouty lips and posed faces. Give your photos a natural look.

You can take selfies while the wind blows your hair or sipping juice while sitting in a coffee shop. Casual shots often look cute and candid. Don’t focus on the face, but capture emotions, feelings, and moments.

Concentrate on the eyes.

The eyes always attract viewers’ attention, so keep this in mind when taking creative selfies. You can take a close-up portrait or, even more interestingly, take a picture of just your eyes, hiding the rest of your face behind a sweater, scarf, etc. This makes the selfies mesmerizing and sexy.

Look directly into the camera lens.

When taking selfies, people often look at the camera screen instead of the lens, which leads to some pretty weird shots. This is a common mistake, so it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

If you often forget this rule, just use the back camera instead of the front.

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