If you’re having a bad day, these boss memes will surely turn your frown upside down

The relationship between the boss and the employee is the basis for the productivity and success of the company. If your relationship with your boss is far from ideal, here’s a set of funny boss memes. At least you’ll laugh. Being in a good mood helps with work. But imagine if your awful boss took all the credit for your work.

Or controls every little thing you do? We’ve put together a list of the best memes, and they’re so funny and compelling that they’re sure to remind you that the world hasn’t turned on you, and you’re not the only one who has to see and hear it every day. Scroll through the list of cool memes and enjoy!

#1. Boss cabriolet meme

Boss cabriolet memeAn executive should keep his luxurious lifestyle and wealth in front of his employees. Is your boss bragging about his expensive vacations, showing off items of clothing that cost more than your salary, and you’re struggling to make ends meet? If so, you should consider changing jobs or asking for a raise. On the other hand, the company is doing better than you imagined, and your boss is underpaying you.

There is one little parable that can change the way you feel about your boss.

It goes like this:

The boss arrives in a brand-new cabriolet.

Employee: “Wow, your car is amazing!”

Boss: “If you work hard, spend all your time, and strive for perfection in your workplace, I’ll buy another next year.”

Most people work for someone else all their lives and never even try to start something of their own, but why?

It’s straightforward. People are afraid of change.

Without change, there can be no development, self-improvement, or personal growth. In a stable environment, it is impossible to learn and learn something new, to experience new sensations. It is impossible to improve or progress.

#2. It’s Wednesday meme

It's Wednesday memeAlmost all of us have been taught since childhood that being late is bad and the basics of self-organization. But some of us have become pedantic and punctual, trying to arrive early or minute to minute. Even on the way to the meeting, such a person will analyze everything that led to the temporary disaster and, in the future, avoid a repeat of the situation.

Others, as if on purpose, are always and everywhere late. This type of person will struggle with themselves, but the result is always the same: they are late. Some will suffer from remorse, and others will let the situation play out.

With friends and relatives, it will be an occasion for lectures and ridicule. But at work, regular tardiness threatens reprimands or fines, including dismissal.

This meme is about a neglected situation…

#3. When your boss thanks you meme

When your boss thanks you memeI’m sure everyone knows this photo of two men shaking hands, with one of them (the bigger one) quite pleased with himself and the other looking somewhat stunned. The contrast of the weight categories of the captured men and their facial expressions has a comical effect, so it’s not surprising that this picture has become a meme, which is still very popular on the Internet.

But who are these men? What is the history of the meme?

This is a shot from the TV series “The Office,” which was filmed in 2006. In the photo are actors Ken Howard and Steve Carell, who played Ed Truck’s boss and Michael Scott’s character on that show. Scott reminisces about a meeting he once had with his boss, and in the process, this handshake photo emerges.

The actual birth of the meme occurred on July 9, 2019, when a specific Redditor posted this photo, matching it with the caption: A Pakistani politician mistakes a video game for reality and praises the pilot for “getting away in time.”

The following month, the same Redditor used this photo to joke about the uninvited guest. The captions on the characters now meant “family friend who came to visit” and “I’m off to get water.” This defined the style of all those thousands of memes that were based on this photo. When they wanted to show some discrepancy between expectation and reality or any such incident, they put the appropriate caption on the characters in the image.

This boss meme is about the “understanding” between the boss and the employee.

#4. Boss micro managing meme

Boss micro managing memeMicromanagement is irritating and demotivating and undermines self-confidence and respect for the manager. As a result, employees stop showing initiative, and the manager tries to do the whole team’s work alone.

Micromanagers interfere in all work processes. They demand to be copied on every letter, to coordinate every action, and to report on every detail. In such teams, employees stop understanding if they can do their jobs and do almost nothing.

As a result, micromanagers fail in their tasks because they work for the whole team. They get hung up on the little things and stop seeing the entire situation.

Often the desire for micromanagement is associated with exaggerated self-esteem. Such managers think that they are much smarter than their subordinates.

This meme describes well the situation with such inadequate bosses.

#5. I hate being here meme

I hate being here memeYou are not alone if you detest your job.

Whether you have a boss who always tells you off or your job is too boring. But, on the other hand, not liking your job is a very unpleasant situation.

You have made a crucial first step toward independence if you have already reached the “I detest my job!” stage. Admitting that your job is a nightmare means that you are ready to take action to change the circumstances of your life.

This life boss meme is about a situation many people find themselves in.

#6. Value employees meme

Value employees memeEveryone is motivated by something different. For some people, it’s money. For others, it’s a paycheck. Some people are even inspired by cash coming into their bank accounts. Others do it for the love of getting money.

The following dialogue can illustrate the next meme.

– If you take a job that doesn’t pay much, do your best.

– Why is that? Who made that rule? More importantly, has anyone undertaken to enforce it? Hackwork is a reciprocal disregard from the employee to the employer. You don’t care how I live on this wage, to put it simply. And I don’t care about your business. It all makes sense.

#7. Before you go meme

Before you go memeI have often met bosses who believe that if an employee leaves work on time, they are a “bad employee. At least half an hour, but everyone has to stay late. It’s like a measure of loyalty to the company.

That’s a load of crap. Almost everyone has a family, personal affairs, and worries. And there is little time left for them after work. You also need to rest. This boss meme describes a situation where the workday begins to stretch to infinity, and there is no time left for a personal life.

#8. I know it was your idea meme

I know it was your idea memeHow angry it is when someone takes credit for your work. It sometimes happens to everyone: you share a good idea with a colleague, and he will pass it off at a meeting as his, will sit up late over a presentation, and someone else will praise it; you bring to perfection a project, and the boss will present it to the leadership as the fruit of his labor.

It takes a lot of work to speak culturally about the cleanliness of some managers. And somehow, it has become so that in most cases, it is perceived as natural: he is the boss, the smartest and most handsome, and the employees work for his benefit. “Stole an idea? Whatever. It’s more important to him. And I’m still good that I came up with it.” But, no, you’re not. This boss meme is about a situation where the boss appropriates the achievements of his subordinates.

#9. Boss jump to lake meme

Boss jump to lake memeSome people believe they are very good at delegating because they can delegate most of their work. But they forget there is a significant difference between delegating and shifting their responsibilities to their colleagues.

Some tasks can and should be handled only by the manager: stimulation of team members, control, evaluation, and rewarding employees.

After all, the manager has access to the necessary information, authority, and understanding of the main risks.

And suppose a subordinate who does not have the necessary resources makes a decision. In that case, the result may not be the most effective.

This meme is about a boss who is too enthusiastic about delegating authority.

#10. Boss reminds meme

Boss reminds memeIt suffices to “do something, love someone, and hope for something” in order to be happy. So the well-known saying goes.

Sometimes “doing something” is not enough. So, a lot of factors influence a person’s state of happiness. One of the most important influences in our work or constant activity.

And if a person doesn’t like his job, he feels unhappy. So this boss meme is about how long time drags on in a job you don’t like.

#11. When a boss tell a bad joke meme

When a boss tell a bad joke memeYou’re 30, 35, or maybe even 40 years old. You work at a company for your paltry salary. You need to understand why your successful friends have already upgraded from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone X. Why it’s them and not you who go with their families to Cyprus, the Maldives, and the UAE. You see your coworkers going to the boss with cheeky faces and demanding another pay raise, walking out with smiles on their faces, and going to the nearest pub. This boss meme is about how some people have to grovel for a paycheck.

#12. Boss out of town meme

Boss out of town memeIt is a proven fact that the manager’s absence at the workplace reveals in his subordinates unheard-of abilities. Often the results of their efforts look very comical.

This boss meme was about the situation when one director went on vacation, but the whole team rested.

#13. Boss asks for a favor meme

Boss asks for a favor memeIn almost every job posting, there is a requirement for the candidate: “Willingness to overwork. We have mastered time management with the easy hands of well-known authors of training and books, and we have also learned how to do several things at the same time. So what have we come to as a result? Professional burnout, nervous breakdowns, physical ailments, and errors in work. But who cares? The boss requires you to stay late after work and finish something urgent and super urgent. We were tired and bored. We need to wean ourselves off it.

Many people are afraid that they will be considered disinterested in their work if they respond to their bosses’ requests by saying no. But, in fact, this way, you will only show responsibility. After all, you will be much more productive and do more if you have time to rest.

Bosses often ask us to stay late, work on weekends, attend a conference on the very day we go to a concert, and help a colleague with a report. And while being able to work as part of a team is very important, it is equally essential to be able to set personal boundaries and enjoy your work.

#14. Boss sends a mail meme

Boss sends a mail memeNow a lot of people work remotely. And it’s not uncommon for their bosses to invade their personal space by sending an email or a message in a messenger. What’s more, it has become even easier to overwork remotely. This boss meme is about a situation where all you have to do to boot employee overtime is send an email.

#15.When I said flexible scheduling meme

When I said flexible scheduling memeThere are many different ways to motivate people. Bonuses, quality training, various privileges like a gym or free (for employees) meals. The possibilities are endless if you are willing to spend an unlimited amount of money on a motivation program. But, on the other hand, there is an entirely free way to get people to work more and feel more joy at the same time. Experience has shown that a flexible schedule motivates just as well as expensive motivational programs. But, at the same time, it’s completely free. This meme was about the situation when the boss misunderstood the essence of the flexible schedule.

#16. When you boss asks meme

When you boss asks memeEveryone has probably had a sleepless night in their life. There are many reasons for this: preparing for exams, a wild party, a delayed flight, and a stressful situation that prevents you from sleeping. Even a little lack of sleep affects the body in a wrong way: in action, there is lethargy. In thought – chaos, the mood could be better. And in the daytime, if you must go to work, you must look fresh and cheerful. This boss meme is about the condition at work after a sleepless night.

#17. Makes us work a full shift meme

Makes us work a full shift memeSome bosses don’t bother to work themselves but demand double the amount of work from their subordinates. If this is your situation, only double pay can reconcile you with it. This boss meme is about the inadequate evaluation of one’s and others’ efforts.

#18. Work from home meme

Work from home memeRemote work, for all its apparent benefits, is fraught with consequences when you need to get used to it. There is a risk at 8 pm to find yourself in pajamas, lying in bed with a laptop surrounded by crumbs, a cat, and candy wrappers.

Period of complete “hammering” on the work on a remote job comes with everyone. The question is how long it will last and how noticeable it will be. First, you allow yourself to spin a movie in the background. Then, you no longer listen to the environment but run the content on the second monitor. Next, you get distracted by household chores or go to the store/cafe/jog (only 15 minutes! which soon becomes two hours). Then you realize that you have a full task manager of overdue tasks. Soon not only will you notice it. This boss meme is about the psychology of perceiving remote work from the off.

#19. When the holidays are over meme

When the holidays are over memeWe look forward to the weekend – excited about Friday, making plans, scheduling a million meetings with friends, and anticipating how we will finally get a good night’s sleep. But then the weekend arrives, and instead of fun and relaxation, we suffer – it seems that time is running out, nothing has been done, and we haven’t even had a chance to relax. Ultimately, we are more tired on those two days than on the weekdays. If you are familiar with this feeling, you may have weekend neurosis.

Did you know that on Sunday, 78% of people feel sad and anxious because the weekend is over and they have to go back to work tomorrow? If not, you are one of the 22% unfamiliar with this condition.

Fear of Monday, or Monday phobia, is the bane of modern society. Instead, many look forward to Monday as a hard day and a natural disaster as early as Sunday.

Which of us has not woken up after a busy weekend on another Monday morning in a bad mood, did not stretch sweetly in bed, with a heavy doomed sigh, went to the kitchen and repeated: “Monday again… Again I have to drag myself to work for some reason…”.  This meme deals with the ubiquitous typical attitude toward Mondays.

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