Butterfly dresses – trends and styling ideas


People associate butterflies with lightness, carefreeness, and beauty. Not surprisingly, butterfly dresses are popular. A girl wearing such a dress will undoubtedly become the queen of the party.

Let’s see what unique models and fashion designers offer us.

Blanka Matragi

Bianka MatragiThe most fabulous dresses, which literally turn their owner into an airy, floating creature, are the creations of fashion designer Blanca Matraghi.

Talent and creativity are the right words to express Blanca Matragi’s creativity.

Blanka Matragi graduated from the School of Art at the Academy of Art in Prague with a degree in fashion design. She received the title of “academic painter.” In 1982 she opened the Blanka Haute Couture salon in Beirut. In 2002 in Prague, she received the Salvador Dali prize; in 2003, she was named the most famous Czech woman in the world.

Blanka Matragi’s name reflects the two worlds between which fashion designer Blanka Matragi moves: the Czech Republic and Lebanon, where she has lived and worked for twenty-five years. Among books about art, the autobiography of celebrity Blanca Matraghi is unique as the first biography of a Czech fashion designer.




Creamy brown butterfly dress

Сreamy-brown dress by Blanca Matraghi

For more than twenty years, she has been creating models for selected members of high society in the Gulf countries and, more recently, for an exceptional clientele. With clients from royal families, being the only foreigner and European, she enters the exclusive, completely closed-to-the-public world of local palaces.

Pearl butterfly dress

Pearl dress by Blanca Matraghi

Blanka Matragi has not only been creating her gorgeous dresses for more than thirty years, but she has also collaborated with industrial design companies. During her career, she has gained countless experiences worldwide, so in 2011 she decided to open Matragi Design, a studio in Prague, which would allow her to share her experience with young and creative people.

Butterfly dress - Peacock feather

Dress by Blanca Matraghi “Peacock Feather”

Each of these womens butterfly dresses amazes me with its harmonious and chic shapes. Would you like one of them?

Sky blue butterfly dress

Dress by Blanca Matraghi

Rainbow butterfly dress

Rainbow butterfly dress by Blanca Matraghi

Peacock feather

Butterfly dress by Blanca Matraghi

Sea green butterfly dress

Sea green butterfly dress by Blanca Matraghi

A stunning butterfly dress

A stunning butterfly dress by Blanca Matraghi

Let’s see what kinds of romantic prints can be seen by other designers.

Bibian Blue

Bibian Blue created its first insect-inspired collection back in 2012. Since then, the unusual outfits with many prints copied from the various butterflies’ wings have never ceased to enjoy insane popularity. To date, Bibian has released four capsule collections of her magical outfits.

Butterfly dress

Girl in butterfly dress

White butterfly dress

Orange butterfly dress

Her collection includes both chic long dresses and short dresses. And they are all beautiful in their own way.

Farhad Re

Butterfly dress collectionFarhad Re’s new Spring-Summer 2020 collection is inspired by the catastrophic state of our planet. That’s why the designer decided to pay tribute to nature and the beauty of its natural colors, creating a kind of ode to the bright nuances, which are becoming increasingly dull due to the daily pollution of the atmosphere.

Farhad based his silhouettes on the shape of a butterfly, a symbol of rebirth and transformation. It is a butterfly that can be found on each model of the collection, now modestly hidden, now taking the form of a dress. Each of the butterflies – the product of handmade, created by embroidery or painting on fabric.

Just as a beautiful creature emerges from a cocoon, people can also transform everything around them, changing the environment and life on the planet for the better. True to his passions, the designer uses pure silk and organza for his models. This material emphasizes the beauty of women’s forms, sculpting them like a statue.

What is particularly characteristic of Re models is a kind of intermediate style between a lady’s elegance and the naughtiness of a young lady, between the rigor of the silhouette and playfulness of details.

Large butterflies on a dress

The wings are placed on a monochromatic light or dark fabric to make the wings look expressive and clear. Usually, a few large winged insects are placed on dresses to see the pattern clearly.

Large butterflies on dress

The little butterflies on the dresses

From a distance, they look like flowers. And only at a close distance can we see them. Usually, dresses with flying butterflies have flared bottoms and fit slender young girls. Sometimes butterflies and flowers are combined in one outfit.

Small butterflies on dress

3D butterfly dress

Spectacular dresses with voluminous butterflies – an image for a special festive occasion. It’s a little impractical in everyday use, but the woman in it looks fantastic. At the Valentino shows, we saw amazing dresses with voluminous prints.

3D dresses - butterflies

Beautiful 3D butterfly dress

Monochrome print

This dress will suit modest and reserved girls who do not like to stand out in the crowd but also want to be elegant. Dress with a butterfly print, the photo you see, and it can be worn all year round, even in winter. A minimal set of colors will not contradict even a business image.

Monochrome print

Lace Butterflies

Lace with flowers is familiar to us. But lace butterflies are a gimmick. They are simply charming! They can be made with different techniques.

Lace Butterflies

Stylized print

There are blurry, “confusing” drawings on the fabric. If you don’t look closely, you can’t even tell if it’s colored spots and lines, flowers, or butterflies.

However, it is this property that makes the outfit adorable!

Stylized print

Dresses with a butterfly print: types of dresses

Long dresses with butterflies

Marvelous long floor-length dresses most beautifully reveal the pattern. These can be luxurious evening or ball gowns. And everyday models made of light fabrics will give a great mood and a sense of celebration on a weekday.

Long dresses with butterflies

Long sheer dresses with butterflies

Short dresses

Charming, and flirty dresses usually have flared bottoms. They create an airy, light summer image. Perfectly emphasize the slim figure.

Short dresses

Butterfly dress

The woman in this outfit looks like a butterfly herself. The fabric is painted with realistic patterns, like on the wings. The cut of the product with a non-standard edge or rounded inserts supports the idea of reincarnation.

Beautiful black and orange butterfly dress

The designer Lily Jong was inspired to create such a masterpiece by a monarch butterfly flight she once saw.

Monarch butterfly dress

Casual Dresses

On a weekday, you also want to look smart. Dresses with butterflies for every day are sewn from natural fabrics, have a simple cut, and are very practical. Butterflies can be large or small but use a small number of shades.

Casual butterfly dress

Transparent dresses

Outfits made of transparent fabrics – the current trend of 2018. Wings on transparent fabric, the addition of tulle to butterfly dresses, the combination of different materials – a frequent phenomenon in modern shows. The dress in the photo is decorated with butterflies made from shiny shreds.

Butterflies wedding dress

You can be original, feminine, and tender on your wedding day if you choose a snow-white dress with delicate butterflies. Multicolored wings will not work in this case. White (or another monochrome) voluminous butterflies made of dense fabric on a light tulle will look better. Lovers of minimalism can choose an outfit decorated with several butterflies. And for those girls who prefer the effectiveness, manufacturers have presented models with countless winged creatures.

Butterflies wedding dress

White butterflies wedding dress

Dresses with “live” butterflies

Turkish designers and part-time sisters Ezra and Tuba Cetin, better known in the fashion world as Ezra + Tuba, have long flirted with high-tech. But their latest tech project, created in collaboration with Intel, has wowed the press on both sides of the Bosphorus. The Ezra + Tuba team created a unique dress adorned with controllable butterflies that can react to their surroundings and even fly.

Dresses with live butterflies

The luxurious outfit of jacquard and metallic threads is adorned with 40 blue butterflies. Artificial, of course. But each of them is equipped with sensors. At rest, the butterflies “rest,” randomly flapping their wings. When someone approaches the dress and its wearer, the insects begin to “worry” and flutter. When the strangers come very close, the butterflies will leave the dress at once and fly away. Also, the wing’s behavior can be controlled by a special application.

Video of this incredible dress.

Amazing blue dresses

According to Ezra and Tuba, they are inspired by sci-fi outfits from blockbuster movies. “Star Wars,” “The Fifth Element,” “Aeon Flax,” “Tron,” and “The Hunger Games” give the duo new ideas on how to combine technology and fashion.

The forty butterflies on the dress that bears their name react to external stimuli, first flapping their wings slightly and then regaining their freedom of movement against the jacquard background of the azure blue fabric of the dress.

Intel developed the proximity sensor, the world’s leading microprocessor manufacturer, unveiled this butterfly dress in Paris by sisters Tuba and Ezra Cetin.

The history of the butterfly in a fashion

As a print, the humble butterfly appeared as early as the eighteenth century. “There are examples of men’s vests with embroidered butterflies,” argues fashion historian Raissa Brittany. This period immediately preceding the “great renunciation” occurred in the early 19th century when similar female adornments were eradicated from men’

The next time the “butterfly” made its wide debut was during the surrealist period of the 1920s. Representatives of the first Surrealist’s movement tried to give the familiar a new sound, to portray a fragile, full of inner tension world in a surprising, dream-like reality.

Elsa Schiaparelli, for example, was especially fond of decorating her models with insects. According to the fashion designer, they added lightness to any product. Schiaparelli’s summer collection of 1937 was decorated with a colorful print of the “butterfly.”

Y2K, a cool twist on “noughties” fashion, brought enormous fame to the fashion print. Mariah Carey’s Ungaro top, which she wore on “VH1 Divas 2000: A Tribute to Diana Ross,” was a coveted look for many in 2021. Olivia Rodrigo and Savita reimagined the look, creating low-rise jeans embellished with butterflies. Also, we all remember Christina Aguilera’s chic Versace bow-tie dress at the Grammy Awards in 2000. Dua Lipa expressed her admiration for it during the VMAs.

VH1 Divas

Divas night

“Butterfly” is increasingly appearing not only on clothing and accessories but also on nails. Here, this print has long enjoyed particular popularity. For many, the “butterfly” symbolizes lightness and a positive message at a time when the world is still in a state of the pandemic. It was the idea of Susan Alexandra, who became famous for her beaded butterfly bags and hairpins in all colors of the rainbow.

For the young fashion designer, the print has become a symbol of freedom and rebirth. “For the past year and a half, we were all “in a cocoon,” literally and figuratively. Now we want to return to normal life and to take off,” the American fashion designer Marc Jacobs shares his positive mood.

Butterfly necklace

It’s no coincidence that the butterfly is the most sought-after print of the Fall/Winter 2022 season. “The caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly just when the cocoon seems too cramped and suffocating,” reminds Susan Alexander.

The image in the form of a cute and modest insect will complement your image and symbolize the strength and resilience of the character. So hurry up to make some trendy images with a “butterfly” for the upcoming winter season.

Let’s take a look at some more inspiring butterfly dresses and costumes.

Inspiring butterfly dresses

Alice Olivia, Anna Sui

Inspiring butterfly dresses show


Black inspiring butterfly dresses

David Koma

And in the collections of David Koma and Andrew Gn, the butterflies were not only the biggest but also the most delightful. The designers used beads, rhinestones, and crystals to make them. Such butterflies are better for decorating the outfit in which you intend to go to a festive event. There they are sure to cause the admiration of others.

Super long butterfly dresses

Andrew Gn

Fashion show

David Koma

How to choose a dress with butterflies

Butterflies on dresses and accessories are romantic and feminine. Print with butterflies can be with geometric elements or in thickets of exotic plants or can be in abstract patterns or bright colors. In any case, a dress with a butterfly print will be the basis of a feminine image.

So, you’ve decided that you definitely need a dress with butterflies. Then take heed of the following tips.

  • If you are a young person, your butterflies can also be the brightest creatures and in a gentle pastel palette. Undoubtedly, you will look beautiful. Butterflies on your dress can flutter on a bright background or a light field. The outfit can be decorated with flounces and ruffles in addition.
  • Full girls will suit outfits of dark color, with single fluttering butterflies. If you have heavy hips, combine your outfit – a dark bottom with a top decorated with butterflies. This will visually balance your figure.
  • Slim girls of average height will suit both large butterflies on a light field and very small, adding volume.
  • Finally, if you are tall and slender, then you can also combine – a top with butterflies, bottom monochrome, and vice versa.
  • For older girls, a print with butterflies in structure and color can be more complex and sophisticated, possibly with a combination of geometry or abstraction. An interesting option could be black butterflies on a delicate light background or vice versa.
  • Pay attention to the size of the butterflies and their location so as not to get – a huge butterfly on the back shelf of the skirt.
  • You will look smart and at the same time business-like if you wear a blouse with a print of black butterflies, fluttering alone on a light field, with narrow pants or a pencil skirt in black.
  • Grown-up ladies do not necessarily need to dress from head to toe with butterflies. You can wear a fairly strict classic style suit with a light blouse, adding to it a silk scarf with colored butterflies and shoes in the color of butterfly wings. You’ll get a stunning look.
  • Print with butterflies can be quite complex because it is not necessary to paint butterflies. They can be abstractly blurred, in different sizes, in subdued shades, or in monochrome.
  • This print looks good in a romantic style, classic and casual style.
  • The print with butterflies decorates clothing fabrics and accessories – the butterfly looks good and coexists perfectly on the bag and on shoes, on scarves, and shawls, and about jewelry Militta already told how freely the butterfly feels both in luxury jewelry and in simple costume jewelry.
  • When using a print with butterflies, avoid ruffles, lace, frills, and other elements that remind you of childhood. With the right handling of this print, you can create a great look at any age.

Butterflies on a dress: the rules of creating an image

  • Combine such dresses with monochrome shoes so that the image does not turn out too pretentious.
  • Use only one thing with butterflies in the image. Shoes and handbags with multicolored wings certainly look lovely. But combining such accessories with monochrome dresses without a print is better.
  • The same applies to jewelry. Large chains with pendants and necklaces are very relevant. However, their combination with bright butterflies on dresses is not a good solution. If you look again carefully at the photos in the article, you will see that there is no need to add large pieces of jewelry to variegated dresses. You can only wear thin chains or earrings.
  • It is better not to combine butterflies with other fashionable prints. The only thing allowed is to combine them with floral motifs. It looks plausible and natural. But butterflies can get lost in such an abundance of shades and shapes. Rely on the general feeling and your taste.

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