10 Heartwarming Loving Wife Stories

Loving wife with her husbandNow it is fashionable to talk about emancipation. Many girls dream of growing up and building successful careers, creating their businesses, or being successful in the professional sphere. Today’s heroines had all the talents for this but chose a different path.

They directed their energies to the development of their spouse’s business, took all the household chores upon themselves, and surrounded him with harmony and care. And as a result, they did not go wrong: their names are remembered maybe not so often, but always with respect for women’s hard work, wisdom and patience.

Today we will tell you ten loving wife stories that can warm your heart and give you faith in love.

Juliet Mazina

Among the loving wife stories, Giulietta Mazina stands out the first place. The beautiful Italian girl had all the qualities to become a successful star. However, she preferred the role of wife and “gray cardinal.” Her marriage to the cult director Federico Fellini lasted half a century and a day, despite the dissimilarity of her characters and her husband’s affairs on the side.

Often Federico looked for inspiration in the arms of another muse, was proud of his fame, and adored comfort and luxury. On the other hand, Juliet was modest and was not seen in the connections that slandered her name.

They were so independent and different, but they could not live apart for more than a month. And in the second half of their marriage, Fellini needed his wife’s advice and often called her about nothing. She got her share of fame, starring in his successful films “The Road,” “Nights of Cabiria,” and others, but preferred to remain in the shadow of a genius husband.

Both of Julia’s pregnancies ended unsuccessfully, and she could no longer have children. Fellini later said that his films were their common children because Giulietta did not like to act in other directors’ films. “My films are our children,” said Federico Fellini, “aren’t they born in anguish? And doesn’t their creator love them like children?”

Giulietta devoted all her energy to her husband and his career. She knew how to negotiate and make acquaintances with the right people, look for investors, and, most importantly, always believed in her husband’s genius.

Despite their success in the film industry, their family was never well off. Fellini was an extravagant man, and he probably would have ended his days in poverty. But Giulietta was the financier in their family. She became her husband’s partner, muse, advisor, and associate.

Clementine Churchill

Among the loving wife stories, we can’t help but mention Clementine Hozier and Winston Churchill. They were a model of family devotion. They were not only spouses but true comrades-in-arms. And to the end of their days, they wrote each other touching letters and came up with affectionate nicknames. Next to her, he felt like the same boy who once, embarrassed, confessed his love for her.

Clementine Hozier was a famous Scottish Airlie family member. A young lady was an example of modesty and politeness. She spoke several foreign languages, played the piano, and drew beautifully. She attracted the eye not by her soulless beauty but by her combination of intelligence and noble aristocratic charm.

Charismatic Clementine married 34-year-old Winston Churchill at twenty-three years old. This marriage also lasted 57 years and ended only with the death of her husband. Clementine gave birth to five children and was able to tame a tough and uncompromising husband. Next to her, he became a gentle husband and an attentive father. She became not only a caring wife for him but also an accomplice and a faithful friend.

At the same time, the woman was distinguished by her active civic position and participated in charitable affairs as vigorously as her husband in political ones. For her services to the British Empire, she received several awards.

Lady Churchill also had a Soviet order – she met the news of the Great Victory in Russia. Despite their mutual employment, the couple managed to maintain a tender and touching relationship for years. They often communicated through letters and postcards, calling each other affectionate nicknames in their messages.

Clem accepted her husband as he was. Only under such a woman could a stubborn and uncompromising politician become an obedient husband. Winston’s wife became his pillar, first adviser, and close companion. It was insanely difficult, but he was not bored. The great politician would later write, “Clemmie, you gave me a heavenly pleasure of life.”


This great woman once had a very familiar name, Elena Diakonova. However, even then, she was distinguished by her love for everything unusual and sophisticated. She could discern talent in the Spanish artist and develop it to such an extent that the entire cultural world was talking about him.

To their acquaintance, Salvador was in a very poor state. Complexes, professional obsession, and mental problems tormented him. Gala became his friend, muse, comrade-in-arms, and inspirer.

She organized his exhibitions, communicated with customers, and handled household chores. This went to the benefit and made the Spaniard a great artist. He no longer had suicidal thoughts. He believed in his talent. His muse, he called his guardian angel, and the work is signed by none other than “Gala-Salvador Dali.” And he never tried to explain his love for her, putting the relationship with this woman above all possible.

Sophia Tolstaya

A famous Russian woman who surrounded her husband with care. She bore Lev Tolstoy 13 children, five of whom died in infancy. Besides, for many years she remained Tolstoy’s faithful assistant in all his affairs: copyist of manuscripts, translator, secretary, and publisher of his works.

Sophia firmly endured all the quirks of the famous writer’s character. She made Yasnaya Polyana estate a real paradise and, at the same time, managed to restrain the flow of pilgrims who wanted to meet the legendary thinker personally.

She raised her children by herself, without nannies or governesses. In her spare time, Sophia rewrote manuscripts of “the mirror of the Russian revolution.” The Countess received petitioners from the village, settled their disputes, and then opened a clinic in Yasnaya Polyana, where she treated the patients and helped according to her knowledge and skills.

No one of loving wife stories can do without sad moments. Everything she did for the peasants, she actually did for Lev. The Count took it all for granted and was never interested in what was going on in his wife’s soul.

For 48 years, this woman remained a faithful companion of Lev Tolstoy and, after his death, a keeper of his cultural heritage.

Yoko Ono

John Lennon’s fans were ambivalent about this woman. Some believe that she was the reason for the breakup of the legendary Beatles band. However, no one will deny that she had an incredible influence on the famous musician. Yoko opened a new world to him and introduced him to avant-garde culture. She inspired Lennon to create a new solo album. In addition to her vibrant personality and undeniable talents, this woman possessed calm, poise, and feminine wisdom.

Some loving wife stories amaze us with how devoted women are to their husbands. For example, when Yoko’s husband became infatuated with an attractive assistant, Yoko was able to turn the relationship to her advantage: waiting for the winning moment, she showed her husband that sensual pleasures were nothing compared to their spiritual connection bestowed by a higher power. Inspired by love, he constantly asserted that he and Yoko shared a common soul.

Una O’Neil

Loving wife hold her husband handsOne of the loving wife stories that will not leave you indifferent. Una was born into the family of Nobel Prize-winning writer and playwright Eugene O’Neill. At one time, the exquisite girl had very famous friends and admirers. However, she chose a small and unassuming actor, Charlie Chaplin, as her husband. The age difference between the young beauty and her husband was 36 years.

Una had a rare and memorable appearance and successfully worked as a model, and her writing and artistry could help the girl arrange a successful career. However, she deliberately chose the role of the great comedian’s spouse and stayed in his shadow all her life. Even in his later years, when Chaplin became old, Una walked with him by the Swiss lake, taking him in a wheelchair.

They met at an audition for the movie Ghost and Reality. Chaplin had three marriages with young girls, fame conqueror of women’s hearts was disappointed in life and love, and had a lot of cynicism. But in the young Una, he was able to consider a sincere and kind heart – by the admission of both, it was love at first sight.

She transformed Chaplin’s house: the conservative, who forbade his servants even to move the old English furniture, now sat in modern armchairs, ate fancy food, and inhaled the scents of flowers and vanilla. They rarely went to parties, only occasionally inviting guests. According to many people’s recollections, Una was remembered as a quiet and modest woman. She was there when Chaplin’s star was at its zenith of fame and did not leave her husband when he was pursued.

This is one of the loving wife stories that makes you recognize the extraordinary power of love. They both were happy and had eight children. As their son Michael recalled, after his father’s death, Una had every chance to start a new life with another man but simply did not want to love someone else. She outlived her spouse by only 14 years and died at 66.

Mercedes Barcha Pardo

Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Mercedes Barcha Pardo married after 13 years of dating. At the time of their first meeting, the writer’s future wife was only 13 years old, but she responded to his proposal without hesitation. Perhaps that first marriage proposal was a joke. But after the wedding in 1958, the couple lived together for 55 years.

She became the main breadwinner in the family while her husband wrote his novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude.” She truly believed in his genius, and to send her husband’s creation to a publisher, she had to pawn a hairdryer and a mixer. When her husband’s popularity hit, she shared the burden of fame with him with dignity, as she had previously shared the burden of poverty. This is one of the loving wife stories that delight.

Mileva Maric

Albert Einstein’s wife was a brilliant mathematician and generously shared her talent with her husband. According to historians, all of Einstein’s mathematical works belonged to his wife. In their marriage contract, there was even a clause obliging Albert Einstein to give it all to his wife in case he received the Nobel Prize.

Unfortunately, some loving wife stories are not without sad moments. Their marriage could not last too long. In 1912, Albert met his cousin Elsa, with whom he fell madly in love. Then his relationship with his wife became very cold. The young people were more like roommates than spouses. “I treat my wife as an employee whom I cannot fire,” the scientist wrote to his cousin.

Albert supported his ex-wife financially after the divorce. Unfortunately, their son was diagnosed with a mental illness, so all the money went to his treatment. So, in 1948, Mileva Marich-Einstein passed away in poverty, unrecognized by anyone.

Decemberists’ wives

The Decembrist uprising in Russia was about 200 years ago. It failed, and an investigation began, after which members of the secret societies were arrested and imprisoned in the fortress. 121 Decembrists were sentenced to exile in Siberia. The Decembrists were specially supervised.

Every day they went down into a deep mine, extracted ore, and brought it to the surface. Working in shackles, severe Siberian frosts, poor nutrition, and lack of warm clothing did not affect the health of the convicts in the best way.

The wives of state criminals followed them into the icy depths of Russia. These loving wife stories help us see how selfless women can be.

Maria Volkhonskaya

She was the youngest of the Decembrists’ wives. She was educated at home, spoke fluent French and English, played the piano, sang, and had a beautiful voice. Sergei Volkonsky was fascinated by the girl’s charm and became her husband when he was 37 years old, and Maria was 19.

At the end of 1825, she lived in her parent’s estate, expecting a child, and did not know about the events on Senate Square or her husband’s participation in the secret society. On January 2, their son was born, and on January 7, Volkonsky was arrested.

She recovered from childbirth and went to St. Petersburg to see her husband. After the announcement of the Decembrists’ verdict, she decided to follow her husband. All her relatives dissuaded her, but all was in vain.

Some loving wife stories evoke admiration for the courage of fragile women. On December 22, Maria Volkonskaia left for her husband in Siberia.

She helped her husband and the other Decembrists in any way she could: she cooked food, mended laundry, kept in touch with relatives, and wrote letters. She was highly respected by the locals and created an atmosphere of friendliness and cosiness. A lack of arrogance characterized her behaviour. She helped with money and clothes, even to the runaways.

When the convicts were transferred to the Petrovsky factory, the wives were allowed to live with their husbands in prison. Each convict had a room, which the wives tried to decorate homelily.

And after a while, all the family Decembrists were allowed to settle outside the prison, and their lives gradually improved.

Catherine Trubetskaya

Catherine knew about her husband’s participation in the secret society, and in her presence, they spoke openly about the need to reorganize the society. But for her, terrorism and violent actions were unacceptable. She said: “For God’s sake, think about what you are doing. You will ruin us and lay your heads on the scaffold.”

She was the first of the Decembrists’ wives to be allowed to follow her husband into exile. “I rightly feel that I cannot live without you. I am ready to endure everything with you. I will regret nothing when I am with you. The future doesn’t scare me. I will say goodbye to all worldly goods. It will be easy for me, my friend, to bear with you, no matter how bad things get. I will bless my lot from the depths of my soul if I am with you.” (From a letter to her husband in the Peter and Paul Fortress).

The future did not frighten her. Her parents supported her. The day after Trubetskoy was sent to hard labour, she, too, left for Siberia.

The expression “Decembrist’s wife” or “Decembristka” has firmly entered the Russian language. Nowadays, this is the name of a woman capable of selfless acts for the sake of her loved ones. In the broad sense of the word, a Decembrist’s wife is a faithful wife who is ready to share the grief and misfortune of her husband and will never abandon or betray him.

All the loving wife stories tell us how important a woman’s support is for a man. Which loving wife story did you find the most touching? Tell us in the comments.

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