Ten amazing randonautica stories that will inspire you

Randonautica (random + Nautica) is an application that uses a quantum and pseudorandom GSF to generate random geographic coordinates for the purpose of visiting them. Users of this application call themselves randonauts.

The developers of the app state that Randonautica helps users get out of predestination (fate, matrix, reality tunnel, etc.) and get more in touch with the real world, gaining experience and novelty from random travel.


In January 2019, in a Telegram chat room, the creators of the Fatum project published a theory of the project. Joshua Lengfelder became interested in it and agreed to take Fatum bot servers under his hosting. He then coined the name “randonavting” for this phenomenon and created a chat room in Telegram, and on March 14, a subreddit was created on the Reddit platform.

On February 22, 2020, the Randonautica app was launched at the same time as the bot.

Randonautica app

On June 19, 2020, a group of teenagers in Seattle found a suitcase with a human corpse while traveling to a random spot. This sparked media attention and a lot of public interest in the app on TikTok and YouTube. After finding the corpse, an article appeared in The Cut. This case also attracted the attention of famous publications such as The New York Times, The Atlantic, Bustle, and The Telegraph, after which Randonautica became associated with it, which created a false opinion about it, due to which the developers of the app created an article, where they gave answers to frequently asked questions.

How the app works

The app uses a hardware random number generator from the Australian National University that works on quantum processes. The app then uses unique algorithms within a given radius to create a random point on a map for the user to visit.

Randonautics is based on research by the Fatum project, whose theory can be found here. The app has two functions: searching for anomalies and blind spots.

The app developers claim that the search for anomalies is supposedly based on the effect of consciousness on the matter. According to this hypothesis, the human mind can create statistical deviations in the distribution of quantum random points in the form of areas of attractors and voids. Randonauts who visit attractors and voids have repeatedly stated that they have found strange objects or witnessed strange events. They report that this Was due to the intention on which they were concentrating (mentally) while generating the point.


From the very beginning of the app’s release to the masses, there have been disproving videos on the video hosting site YouTube about the supposedly “mystical” nature of the app. Bloggers who deny the app’s use of a quantum random number generator have claimed that it simply utilizes a standard “pacifier.”

Despite the highly dubious theory put forward by the app’s developers, Randonautica is an excellent way to create a route for an ordinary walk and to experience interesting randonautica stories.

Randonautica in 2021

The Reddit platform has had the largest community of randonauts since 2019 (almost 150,000), where they share their randonautica stories of using the app with each other. There are also several large communities on Telegram and the app’s official website.

Randonautica app today

Randonautica continues to attract media attention. For example, Kommersant newspaper, Knife, and Gazeta.ru have published articles about the app.

As of October 2021, 10 million users had downloaded the app, and the number of downloads is growing steadily, despite Randonautica LLC not running any promotions[5].

Since the app is functioning well, the developers stopped supporting the Fatum bot in Telegram, and as of October 2021, the bot is not working.

The game should be downloaded to the phone or run a particular bot in the Telegram messenger, after which the user is asked to read the recommendations: travel with a charged phone, a “positive attitude,” and preferably not alone. Then the user has to indicate what he would like to find at the final point of his journey – in response, the application sends random coordinates.

Soon after the game’s launch in TikTok, there were videos of teenagers who went on a “journey” along the coordinates of “Randonautica” and found themselves in unusual or creepy places. The most popular video was that of user @ughhenry from the United States, which gathered more than 25 million views: “Randonautica” led him and his friends to a pier in Seattle, where there was a suitcase with human remains. It was later learned that the body fragments belonged to a man and a woman who had died of gunshot wounds.

Here are some randonautica stories that we found interesting:

“However, there is something to it when your phone is attached to a particle gas pedal.”

– It was June of the twentieth year. It seems that I was interested in an article on Pikabu or VKontakte. Immediately I became curious about the connection to the project’s scientific and technical “substrate”. Still, when your phone is bolted to a particle gas pedal, there is something to it. True, the test hikes ended up finding night fog. It turns out my GPS is glitchy. Then it glitched and still does. I had a total of three hikes in the summer of ’20. All three times, the point shifted, and fog came up on the approach.

I think the project itself is very interesting. It’s hard to say exactly how Randonautica works. I think it’s all about psychology, and the “physics” stated by the creators adds to the overall mystique of the Randonaut philosophy. Additionally, psychology serves as both the “fuel” for the studies and their motivation.

Pavel Stepanov, Moscow Region

“What transpired between Randonautica and me is a rather ordinary occurrence of reality being “psychedelic,” or altered to satisfy my inner need.”

Here’s another interesting one from randonautica stories.

– I first read about Randonautica in this piece in The Knife magazine.

As such, I didn’t have the experience, but the story is still interesting. I installed the app, entered the parameters randomly, and it gave me such a location that it got really uncomfortable.

I admit that, probably like any other person, sometimes I think about ending my life in the case of a really intractable situation (for example, a painful illness with no prospect of recovery). The most accessible and reliable method has always seemed to me a jump from the bridge of Alexander Nevsky. It is located away from the standard tourist spots of the city. And it was in the Neva near the middle of the aforementioned bridge that the Randonautics app put the point. I am in no hurry to draw any conclusions from this, I have not deleted the app, but I am unlikely to open it again.

It’s clearly not about physics here. You can, of course, assume that physics algorithms were used to create “Randonautica,” but the program might as well be able to produce a completely random location in the city to the center. The situation has nothing to do with psychology in the classical sense, and to call such a precise coincidence a coincidence is impossible.

What happened between Randonautica and me is a rather ordinary example of “psychedelizing” reality, changing it to suit my inner request. And the fact that you asked me about it is a continuation of the story. I was never going to tell anyone about this case, although I sometimes mention “Randonautica” in conversations in the context of “There’s also such a thing.

Grigory Yushchenko, St. Petersburg

“…Intent worked.”

– It all started when I came across that scandalous video on Ticktock over the summer where teenagers found a suitcase full of remains. It couldn’t help but pique my interest. So I started searching the Internet for detailed information, but I could only find something worthwhile on YouTube.

I chose an anomaly and set the color to red. My spot turned out to be in a grove not far from me. It was decided to go to the place with a friend. At first, we walked along the path and didn’t notice anything suspicious, but then we came across a group of people sitting in a circle. I don’t know what exactly they were doing. Maybe they were barbecuing kebabs or performing an exorcism rite, so it became uncomfortable. However, my subconscious had already started adding wood to the fire of imagination.

The trail ended, but the coordinates told us to keep moving forward. We wandered through the thicket for a very long time, the grass in some places reaching up to our waists. Finally, we managed to get out to a narrow trail, at the end of which was our point.

We saw a bump with a stick stuck in it as we approached, with a red packet tied to the end. Then I realized that the given intention worked.

Anastasia, Rostov-on-Don

What do you think of this one from randonautica stories?

Some food to treasure

While searching for riches, one Randonaut came and found a table of free food with a notice suggesting that anyone could take some. Of course, as an avid fan of snaking myself, I could only dream of such an experience.

It Looks like a sign.

Here’s another interesting one from randonautica stories.

Another party was seeking direction when they came across a sign that read, “It’s your time”. At the same time, many of these adventures are open to interpretation and serve as a gentle reminder to grasp the present.

Sign from a friend

Someone went on a trip hoping to receive a sign from their departed friend, Zach. After looking around, they saw a sign that read, “Remember Zach.” Of course, Zach is different, but the sign does mention safety, which is interesting.

A heckin’ good boy

The motif for the two Randonauts’ voyage was one of their mother’s lost dogs. Although they didn’t find the actual dog, they did run into a friendly doggie who was only too pleased to let them pet it. So, Randonautica allows dog petting.

Randonautica suitcase

Here’s another interesting one from randonautica stories.

Sadly, this story has been all over the news, but I feel I should address it as someone came across human remains in a suitcase. Keep in mind that anything that seems strange when using Randonautica is probably true. The Tik Tok won’t be linked here, but if you’re interested in finding it, you can do so on your own.

Childhood memories

Someone wanted to find something that reminded them of happiness from their childhood and came across a house with the same number as theirs. The Tik Toker continues by stating the significance of the number 13 and how their family used to make jokes about it being a bad number.

What do you think of this one from randonautica stories?

A Trap House

Channel Exploring With on YouTube, “Police Came – Randonautica Took Me To A Crime Scene!” is the sensationally named video that Josh shared of their Randonautica encounter. The video shows something very suspicious despite the false title—the police only arrived because the YouTubers were trespassing. These YouTubers were sent away by Randonautica, just like many others, to examine the private property and abandoned structures—often both at the same time. The abandoned home in this video is evidently just partially vacant and hosts some squatters. When will Randonautica send someone to a home where a resident is not quite hospitable to visitors? Then, the question arises.

A Few Times.

Here’s another interesting one from randonautica stories.

Randonautica keeps sending individuals to locations in the middle of nowhere where strange, empty coffins are just lying around for some reason. Seriously, we found a half-dozen examples with a simple video search. The linked video features a YouTuber finding a single coffin in the woods, which alone should be terrifying. An even worse illustration comes from TikToker Chris.sees.ghosts, who documented his trip to Randonautica and the field filled with coffins there. Some even had stakes that faced inward, which were never created with good intentions in mind. It is difficult to imagine that the video could have been so simply manufactured, given the overwhelming number of coffins, some of which were personalized with those stakes.

About what our plan led to. From the authors

When the voids in our knowledge of Randonautics are finally filled, we return to March 2021. Every clue we find and every story we hear makes us more excited about the app and make plans to try it out in action. One thing that gets in the way of plans is the weather. But my team and I don’t stray from the philosophy of Randonautica, citing fate. On March 28, it said a confident “Yes” to us, and all of us set off to the Left Bank of the Don River in Rostov; that’s our spot.

Outside the city, everything seems prearranged. Everything around seems to be a final point: the abandoned buildings of someone’s forefathers, the mark of a cat’s paw on the cracked ground, an old TV set, and a woman’s slippers standing on it. A rotten dinghy, a fisherman’s chair half-buried in the ground, and leaky fishing gear. Here one becomes convinced of another part of the Randonautics philosophy: one can enjoy not only the endpoint but also the road to it.

Our marker was in an abandoned building with broken windows. It took a long time to collect my spirits before I went in. Here again, the advice not to go to the dots alone worked well because Randonautica is, first and foremost, a way to have fun and have fun with friends. Neither of us could go inside alone.

We did not have to look around for a long time: in the first half, the newspaper “Don Culture” with the headline “Sholokhov is famous for the Quiet Don” and a picture of the writer on the main page was lying on the floor. It was easy to recognize it, but it was even easier to understand that it was really related to us. After all, who among the first-year students of the Faculty of Journalism is not familiar with him? And could the seven girls, who had one word in mind: “literature,” not know him?

Such an amazing and harmless story proved that the subconscious could sometimes really play with us. The main thing is to tune it to the right wave and enjoy the process. Many things we attract into our lives unknowingly, so the “Randonautics” experiment is also a way to understand the importance of thinking positively and approaching any matter with positive intention.

What do you think of these randonautica stories?

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