The 50 Greatest #YouTubers of All Time | Full list

YouTube is home to some of the world’s most talented and creative people. The platform created opportunities for anyone with a good idea and an internet connection to develop their talents and become a star.

Over the years, many YouTubers have achieved fame and success by creating unique pieces of content that have captivated audiences across the globe.

It’s time to celebrate the great #YouTubers of all time. Whether you’re a new viewer or have been following their work for years, there’s no denying that they have had a profound impact on the entertainment industry.

So who are these great broadcasters and creators? We look at the 50 most incredible YouTubers of all time, from start to finish.

Aziz Shavershian

Aziz Shavershian, better known as Zyzz, was a Russian-born Australian bodybuilder. Initially a skinny kid, he eventually outgrew his mediocre physique to become a rippling Adonis. He also had many other talents, such as being a self-proclaimed ‘epitome of aesthetics’ and a stripper.

Zyzz was a bit of a jack of all trades, but his best claim to fame was a cult favorite on social media. He was able to woo millions of followers with his videos and witty tweets. Some fans would pay a hefty sum to watch his live performances.

Sadly, it was only a matter before he succumbed to life’s vagaries. Zyzz died suddenly from a congenital heart defect while on holiday in Thailand in 2011. However, he is still a fondly remembered figure. His name is immortalized in the annals of online culture.

Charles Green Jr.

The Angry Granpa ShowThe late Charles Green was a YouTube star. He was well known for his pranks and fun content, and he was also famous for his wild side. His videos were featured on various websites and shows, including HLN, Pranked, Rude Tube, and TruTV’s Most Shocking.

In 2010, he and his son created a YouTube channel called “The Angry Grandpa Show.” The infamous “Angry Grandpa Hates Justin Bieber” is among his most popular videos. Many of his videos show a crazy side of him, and he sometimes breaks things in rage.

Charles was a fun and caring person despite all his negative aspects.

Before his death in December 2017, he was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. He passed away at age 67 due to this condition. Currently, he has over 3.9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley - one of the best #youtubersTyler Oakley is a YouTube sensation with a knack for creating engaging and funny videos. His videos have garnered over half a billion views. He is also known for his sassiness and passion for pop culture.

When he first began making videos, he thought only friends would watch them. But now, he has more than 6 million subscribers. Not only that, but his videos are unapologetically personal. They cover everything from hot-button topics to travel takeovers.

With over 6 million subscribers, he is one of the biggest names on YouTube.

Oakley has been named to OUT Magazine’s Power 50 list and has even appeared on the CBS reality competition The Amazing Race.

Esther Earl – Author and Nerd fighter

Esther Grace Earl was a YouTube star, author, and Nerd fighter. She also was an avid reader. Her death from thyroid cancer at age 16 inspired John Green’s best-selling novel, The Fault in our Stars.

John Green wrote a foreword to a book about Esther. The book was named This Star Won’t Go Out: The Life and Words of Esther Grace Earl and features personal writings and drawings from Esther. It also includes essays from her family, a collection of her notes, and commentary.

Esther Grace Earl’s life was a tale of love and loss. She was diagnosed with cancer at the age of twelve. She underwent seven months of treatment in Marseille, France. At first, her doctors thought the disease was benign. Still, it was later revealed to be more aggressive than they had initially thought.

Before she passed away, she was involved in the Nerd fighters fan site, which discussed books and music. After Esther’s death, John Green dedicated his best-selling novel, The Fault in Our Stars, to her. He said that Esther’s words were unique to him. He made a pact with her family before she passed.

One of the essential things Esther Green did was create an Internet community for young people affected by cancer. She posted hundreds of videos on YouTube, which allowed her to connect with many people. Her friendships were based on shared interests, such as Harry Potter.

Rahat Hossain- A YouTube Legend

Rahat Hossain, also known as MagicofRahat, is a famous American YouTube personality, vlogger, and prankster who creates videos featuring pranks and magic tricks. He first gained attention on the platform by remaking videos from other YouTubers and putting his spin on them.

One of his most popular videos was a copy of the “Homeless Lotto Winner” video by Chris Russell. Since creating his channel, his channel has received over 7 million subscribers and over 1 billion video views. As of September 2021, MagicofRahat has over 7.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

Rachel and Junichi Yoshizuki Are YouTube Stars

Rachel and Jun YouTube channelRachel and Junichi Yoshizuki are a YouTube couple who run two channels, “Rachel and Jun” and “Rachel & Jun’s Adventures!” They create vlogs about Japanese culture, society, personal experiences, and daily life.

The channel “MyHusbandisJapanese” started and gained popularity with their video “What NOT to do in Japan,” released in March 2012. They also produce documentaries and interviews on specific subjects like “Black in Japan” and create videos that compile information about Japanese society that is not readily available in English.

The couple resides in Fukuoka with their three feline companions, Haku, Poki, and Nagi. They have worked with well-known YouTubers such as Simon and Martina, Sebastiano Serafini, The Anime Man, sunshine, and Miranda Ibañez.

They have received coverage from the BBC, The Japan Times, Japan Today, and the TBS television show Asian. As of September 2021, Rachel and Jun have amassed over 2.4 million subscribers on their joint YouTube channels.

Adam Beales – The Most Prolific YouTuber of All Time

Adam Beales YouTube channelThis year’s blue ribbon award for the most popular kid on the block goes to, wait for it, Adam Beales. He is the most prolific YouTuber and has amassed a whopping 3.4 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. So, who knows, he could trump his more seasoned peers.

Nevertheless, this is one snarky kid who knows no bounds. The YouTube above star has a sizable Twitter account, with more than 3000 followers – but he does tend to use it for snarky Tweets, not much more.

His Instagram page is a tad less time if you can call something that’s been slung about by his mates an oxymoron. As far as a mate goes, Beales is a handful but has been known to get close with his mates. He’s also a prankster. Or so he claims.

Aside from the video above channel, he has a smallish but happy dog. In addition, he was also able to test out the most expensive coffee machine in the country, which has an ever-present wand. Still determining if he’s a true geek or just a fanboy, but he’s certainly not a pushover.

Addison Rae

Addison Rae Easterling youtube channelAddison Rae Easterling, more commonly known as Addison Rae, is a YouTuber and social media influencer currently taking the internet by storm.

She first gained attention when she began creating lip-sync videos on TikTok that went viral and amassed millions of views in record time.

Since then, she has become one of the most followed people on the app, with over 38 million followers.

To her success on TikTok, Addison Rae has made a name for herself on other platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

Her YouTube channel now has over 4 million subscribers, and she creates content related to fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and much more.

A Look at Anime YouTuber Agnes Diego

YouTuber Agnes DiegoYou’ve probably heard of YouTuber Agnes Diego if you’re an anime fan. She’s known for her YouTube channel, akidearest, and for posting videos about anime and manga.

Aside from her videos, she also posts make-up tutorials inspired by anime characters. In addition, she hosts an ongoing series titled Otaku Monthly Favorites.

When she was growing up, she started making Anime music videos. During college, she worked in a movie theatre. But she decided to make her YouTube career a full-time job.

Currently, she has a YouTube channel with more than 2.8 million subscribers. Some of her most popular content includes anime reviews and rants about anime and Otaku culture.

Alan Becker

Alan Becker youtube channelAlan Becker is an American YouTuber who has been making videos since 2006. He rose to fame with his “Animator vs Animation” series, which shows a character he created called The Chosen One fighting against a computer-animated object.

The series was viewed over 400 million times and made Alan Becker one of the most well-known YouTubers on the platform. Since then, Alan has continued making animation videos and collaborated with other popular creators such as PewDiePie and DanTDM

Since the success of his Animator vs. Animation series, Alan Becker has launched multiple successful YouTube channels that focus on gaming, tutorials, vlogging, and more. His main channel currently has over 20 million subscribers who watch his videos daily.

Alan Walker

He is an internationally renowned Norwegian Youtuber, DJ, and EDM artist. His career in the music industry began after he posted his song ‘Faded’ to YouTube in 2015. Since then, he has been a global phenomenon and has gained over 15 billion views on YouTube.

His music produces tropical house vibes enjoyed by fans worldwide, and his popularity continues to rise with tours across Europe, America, and Asia. He is also a mentor of emerging music talents at Studio 554, which houses some of the world’s best producers, composers, and engineers.

As well as producing music, Alan Walker also uses his platform on YouTube to make videos featuring gaming clips from games like Minecraft, Fortnite, and Call Of Duty: Warzone.

Ana Nedeljković

Ana Nedeljković, a YouTuber based in Belgrade, Serbia, began her career on the platform in 2015. With many subscribers currently on her channel, she is known for collaborating with Bosnian rapper Panter on his single “Pun Gas” in 2017. She gained notoriety and popularity in July 2017, when she was the first participant on the Serbian TV reality show “Letnji Kamp,” which caused some controversy as she was a minor at the

Ana’s content on YouTube primarily focuses on music and vlogging, emphasizing her personal experiences and struggles. She has also been known to give tips on household tasks and address mental health issues such as suicide problems. After the show, Ana decided to pursue a career in music and released her debut single, “Drama,” on April 26, 2019.

Bachir Boumaaza

Bachir Boumaaza youtube channelBachir Boumaaza, commonly known as Athene, is a popular YouTuber and philanthropist who has inspired people worldwide with his work. His channel features him playing various video games while focusing on social causes. He advocates for education and poverty alleviation in his home country of Belgium.

Athene has gained immense success through YouTube; he was one of the first to become a full-time YouTuber, earning millions of subscribers in no time due to his passion for creating content

Since then, he has used his platform to raise money for charities worldwide and promote positive values such as peace and understanding among communities. In addition to creating online content, he is also involved in activism and research related to Internet freedom and digital rights.

Benjamin Rich

Benjamin Rich is a popular YouTuber who has been making videos for YouTube since 2014. His content focuses on veganism, personal development, minimalism, and motivation. He currently has over 3 million subscribers, and his videos have garnered millions of views.

Rich’s videos are unique in that they feature both spoken dialogue and live-action sequences filmed by him going out into the world to talk to people and experience life with them.

He often talks about the importance of self-care and intentional life while embracing one’s passions and talents. Rich also shares his experiences with viewers to give them perspective on life topics such as relationships, finances, work/life balance, career goals, etc.

Bill Day

Bill Day is a documentary filmmaker. He was the director of the documentary “Saviors of the Forest,” which premiered during the Sundance Film Festival.

Bill was also the director of “Rubber Jungle,” a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how life was for Brazilian labor leader Chico Mendes. He also co-produced the music documentary “Under The Covers” and “Alternative Rock and Roll Years” in 2003 for Discovery Channel.

He was a field producer for the documentary television program “Hopkins 24/7.” He was also the co-producer of “Ordinary Joe,” a documentary about the life of a Vietnam veteran from New York City.

Day also produced a documentary about named “Missionary Positions” and produced and directed “The Pussycat Preacher,” a film about an organization. He has an account on YouTube called “billschannel,” which uploads videos of wildlife adventures worldwide.

A series titled “Real or fake?” where the group of researchers he is part of, “The Chewy Piranhas’ uncover photographs and videos posted on the internet and use various techniques to determine if they’re depicting real-life events, fake hoaxes, or mysteries.

Bjørn Nyland

Bjørn Nyland YouTube channelBjørn Nyland is a Norwegian YouTuber who has gained significant notoriety for his videos about electric cars. He has been creating content related to the technology of electric vehicles since 2011. He is now one of the most respected authorities in this field.

His YouTube page currently holds over 290 thousand subscribers that follow him for his informative and entertaining videos.

Nyland’s YouTube presence reaches far beyond electric vehicles; he also covers technology, cooking, and design.

No matter the topic, viewers can always count on Bjørn to provide helpful tips and advice in an accessible manner while also keeping them engaged with creative elements throughout his videos.

His channel has become so popular that automotive companies often invite him to review their models – a sign of his credibility and expertise on the subject matter.

Blimey Cow

Blimey CowBlimey Cow is a popular YouTube channel with over 515k subscribers. The track, started in 2008 by siblings Josh and Kelli, creates entertaining and informative videos exploring topics such as faith, relationships, internet culture, etc.

The content created by Blimey Cow focuses heavily on exploring themes of faith and how it relates to everyday life. The videos feature discussion-based segments where Josh and Kelli talk about their experiences growing up within a religious family.

They also provide comedic skits that offer creative takes on Bible stories or scripture passages. In addition to these main topics, Blimey Cow often covers more current issues like dating apps or crushes on celebrity icons from the past decade or two.

Candice Hutchings

Candice Hutchings is a popular YouTuber and vegan lifestyle expert. She started her channel, The Edgy Veg, in 2013 to make veganism accessible to all. Since then, she has grown her audience to over 450 thousand subscribers and amassed over 170 million views.

Her videos include recipe tutorials, restaurant reviews, product reviews, and other helpful tips on living a plant-based lifestyle. Candice is also an advocate for helping animals in need and regularly donates to animal welfare organizations such as The Humane Society of Canada.

Candice’s recipes are creative yet simple and feature unique twists on classic dishes like burgers and tacos.

Charles White Jr.

Charles White Jr., better known as penguinz0 on YouTube, is a content creator who has built an impressive online presence. With over 12 million subscribers and growing, it’s easy to see how he has become one of the most popular YouTubers in recent years.

His videos generally feature comedic skits that are entertaining and cleverly crafted. His content also includes academic advice, life skills, and personal growth.

He also shares motivational stories about his life experiences to inspire viewers with his unique outlook on various subjects.

Penguinz0 approach to content creation is what sets him apart from other YouTubers.

He often emphasizes valuable lessons and messages throughout his videos. Above all else, penguinz0 always encourages viewers to be their best selves while recognizing their perspectives on life events.

Corey VidalCorey Vidal YouTube channel

Corey Vidal is a Canadian YouTuber recognized for his proficiency in various areas such as beatboxing, dancing, acting, singing, playing musical instruments, participating in skits and short films, solving Rubik’s Cubes, video blogging, and teaming up with other YouTubers.

Corey Vidal became well-known for his video “How To Dance: ‘1, 2 Step’ by Ciara,” which has amassed over 6.5 million views. This video was the starting point for him to diversify the content on his channel. His videos often include nods to the Star Wars franchise.

Corey Vidal has also received coverage in Canadian national media, hosted the 888 YouTube Gathering in 2008, and been featured in the 2012 edition of Ripley’s Believe It

or Not! Annual book series. He created the “ApprenticeEh” daily vlogging YouTube channel in 2011, which ran for 2,192 consecutive days before ending in

In 2013, ApprenticeA Productions established Buffer Festival, a movie festival that caters to YouTubers. In 2016, ApprenticeA Productions worked with Shay Carl to create Vlogumentary, a full-length documentary focusing on fame from online video.

Zach King

Zach King YouTube channelZach King is an American YouTuber and filmmaker known for his innovative and visually stunning videos, primarily consisting of magic tricks, illusions, and stop-motion animation. He first gained fame in 2011 after posting a video titled “Jedi Kittens,” which showed two cats fighting with lightsabers.

The video gained over 18 million views, and its sequel, “Jedi Kittens Strike Back,” earned over 27 million views. His official YouTube channel is named Zach King, and in 2013, he was named by YouTube as one of the 25 most promising young filmmakers in America.

Zach King has 15.3 million subscribers on YouTube, and his videos have garnered 1.19 billion views.

Xyla Foxlin

Foxlin, a YouTuber, designs and builds projects that combine woodworking and engineering skills. She shares her processes in YouTube videos.

One project she completed in 2021 was building a model car that uses a gear and propeller system to apply drive from a treadmill to make it travel faster than the treadmill was running.

She also built a high-powered wood rocket in five days, a kayak made of clear fiberglass that lights up with LED lights, and a bulletproof gown which she tested by shooting bullets at it.

Foxlin also went on a cross-country road trip collecting wood from different states and turning them into wooden puzzle pieces of a country map. She has also built a tiara, sent it into space, and shot a Christmas tree into the air with a rocket.

Danny Gonzalez

Danny Gonzalez is a YouTuber and comedian who has gained an immense following of over 5 million subscribers since his channel began in 2013. He first became known for his musical parodies and skits, often featuring him wearing outrageous costumes and singing to the tune of popular songs.

Danny has been featured on multiple platforms, including MTV, Complex, BuzzFeed, and Paper Magazine, due to his unique ability to create social commentary through comedy.

His comedic style can be described as absurdist with a twist of satire; he tackles topics such as politics, culture, and everyday life experiences that most people can relate to. In addition to his videos, Danny also runs several podcasts and performs stand-up comedy shows at venues across the country.

Donald De La Haye Jr.

De La Haye, a former UCF football player, turned his attention to his YouTube channel, “Deestroying,” after being removed from the team. He started the channel as a teenager in 2015, and it has since evolved from skits on football stereotypes and trick-shot videos to include gaming content and impersonations of NFL players.

The channel has also featured collaborations with NFL players and partnerships with the NFL and other sports organizations. With over 4.5 million subscribers, the track has grown significantly since De La Haye left UCF. He has collaborated with different YouTube personalities, such as Logan Paul, and continues growing his channel.

Douglas Wreden

Douglas Wreden is a popular YouTuber who specializes in creating popular gaming content. His channel features many gaming videos, from playthroughs to strategy guides, that appeal to all kinds of viewers.

He stands out from other #YouTubers for his detailed knowledge of the games he plays and his entertaining style of presenting them.

His goal is to show people how much fun it can be to play video games and engage with their communities actively.

Wreden’s approach to gaming involves more than just playing a game; he also likes to focus on its story and characters, helping viewers understand the game as they watch him play it.

He pays careful attention to every detail in the game, making sure his commentary covers all aspects that could help players better enjoy their experience with it too.

Firoz Chuttipara

Firoz Chuttipara is a popular YouTuber from India. He began his journey as a content creator in 2014. Since then, he has amassed an impressive following of over a million subscribers. His videos, which cover topics from politics to lifestyle, have made him one of the most influential Indian YouTubers on the platform.

Firoz’s content focuses on entertainingly delivering information. He often uses humor and satire to make his points while also touching upon deeper topics such as mental health and societal issues. His channel has become a safe space for viewers to learn without feeling judged or overwhelmed by the intense subject matter being discussed.

Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch

Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch have become household names in the YouTube world. The two YouTubers first met while studying at the University of Southern California and began producing content together soon after.

Their channel “Rocket jump” has over 9 million subscribers who tune in to watch their unique blend of comedic video game entertainment. The duo is well-known for its amazing effects-laden videos that combine skillful visuals with sharp humor.

They create films based on popular video game franchises such as Call of Duty, Halo, and Battlefield, as well as original scripts starring themselves or other guest actors.

Beyond their unique brand of comedy-action films, Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch also engage with their fan base through weekly podcast shows, live streams, and vlogs about new projects they are working on.

Gary the Goat, Jimbo Bazoobi #YouTubers

Gary the Goat and Jimbo Bazoobi are Australian Youtube stars who have made a name for themselves on the popular video streaming platform. They began their joint venture in 2012 when they started making prank videos on the streets of Sydney, which quickly gained them a large following.

Subsequently, they created a Youtube channel and uploaded regular content to it. Their comedic style, unique personalities, and willingness to try out outrageous stunts soon earned them over half a million subscribers.

The duo is best known for their offbeat humor and irreverent attitude toward life. With Gary’s deadpan delivery and Jimbo’s wild antics, they attract viewers from all over the world with videos that are often hilarious or downright bizarre but always entertaining.

George Miller

George Miller, also known by his online pseudonym ‘Filthy Frank,’ is a popular YouTuber with millions of subscribers. He gained fame through videos featuring absurd humor, which often incorporates shock value elements.

His channel has grown immensely since its conception in 2010, and he now has over 7 million subscribers on YouTube.

Filthy Frank does not have a single style or genre; instead, he creates videos that range from comedy skits to music parodies to rants about current events. He often takes on different personas, such as Pink Guy, an alter ego who is always seen wearing a pink suit.

This character highlights Filthy Frank’s eccentric side and adds an extra layer of entertainment for viewers.

GloZell Green

GloZell Green is an American YouTuber who has amassed a large following since she began posting videos in 2008. She is known for her humorous skits and interviews with celebrities such as Barack Obama, and Beyonce. Green also produces comedic music videos and vlogs about current events.

Her approach to content creation is unique compared to other YouTubers, as she often breaks away from traditional video formats to engage her viewers in creative ways.

Her popularity has led to numerous appearances on television shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Hannah Stocking-Siagkris

Hannah Stocking-Siagkris is an American YouTuber, model, and internet personality. Since her rise to fame in 2013 with the launch of her Vine channel, she has earned over 8 million YouTube subscribers and followers on other platforms. She also produces and hosts several shows on the Quibi streaming service.

Hannah posts weekly videos on her YouTube channel ranging from comedic skits to informative vlogs and interviews. Her content often features celebrity guests, including many of her friends in the entertainment industry, such as singers, rappers, athletes, and actors.

Hat Films

Hat Films is a trendy YouTuber group best known for its comedic gaming videos. Starting in 2008, the trio of Ross Hornby, Chris Brunsdon, and Alex Smith has become one of the most popular on YouTube, with over 881 k subscribers.

The group produces skits and gameplays from consoles and PC games such as Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V, and even Sims 4. They often make funny musical parodies with other YouTubers, such as NerdOut! Music.

The trio has been nominated for several awards, including two Streamy Awards in 2016 for Best Gaming Channel and Best Musical Performance.

Ireedui “IZ” Gantogtokh

Ireedui “IZ” Gantogtokh is a Mongolian-American YouTuber famous for his videos focusing on Mongolian culture, language, and people. He was born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and moved to California at age five.

With over one hundred thousand subscribers, IZ has built an international platform for sharing his knowledge of Mongolian culture with viewers worldwide. In addition to

being a successful YouTuber, IZ also enjoys producing music and does this under his artist name, “Mongolz.”

He has collaborated with artists from North America and Europe and some from Mongolia through his music creations. His sound combines traditional Mongolian instruments with modern production techniques making it unique and popular among listeners.

Jaiden Animations

Jaiden Animations is a famous YouTuber who creates comedic animations. Jaiden has been active on YouTube since 2012, and her channel currently has over 10 million subscribers. Through her videos, she discusses topics such as relationships, anxiety, and mental health in a humorous and relatable manner.

However, she also animates stories about her personal life for an even bigger audience to enjoy. For instance, one of her most popular videos is “Drawing My Life,” which features Jaiden narrating stories from her childhood accompanied by cartoon illustrations.

Her creative content has made her the recipient of multiple awards, including the 2018 Streamy Award for Animation channel of the year.

In addition to being a successful YouTuber, Jaiden is also an entrepreneur with several business ventures under her belt.

James Jackson

James Jackson, also known as Onision, is an American YouTuber known for his comedic skits, personal vlogs, and discussions on various topics. He operates three channels, “Onision,” “UhOhBro,” and “OnisionSpeaks,” which have amassed over 2 million subscribers and over 1 billion views.

However, his content has also received criticism and controversy from viewers and online media outlets, with many accusing him of promoting harmful stereotypes, bullying, and unhealthy behaviors.

He has been involved in controversies and allegations of misconduct in his private life, which led to the loss of many subscribers and calls for his channel to be removed from

YouTube. Despite the controversies, Onision’s channels continue to attract a sizable following.

Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling is an American YouTuber, violinist, dancer, and composer. She is well-known for her electronic music videos combining classical and modern dance styles. Stirling rose to fame in 2007 with her self-titled YouTube channel, which currently has over 13 million subscribers and nearly two billion views.

She uploads various videos through her channel, including live performances, music tutorials, and challenges.

Stirling’s debut album was released in 2013 and reached the Top 10 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Since then, she has released four more albums and several EPs, all of which hit the Top 100 list on iTunes within minutes of release. She has also collaborated with renowned artists such as John Legend, Pentatonix, and Christina Perri.

Maddie Lymburner

Maddie Lymburner is a popular YouTuber who has gained fame for her fitness and health-related videos. She was born in Canada and began creating videos in 2015. Maddie’s channel showcases her journey to living a healthier lifestyle, focusing mainly on plant-based nutrition and veganism.

Her message is about inspiring people to adopt healthy habits while having fun. She has also collaborated with major brands such as Nike and Lululemon, further increasing her popularity on YouTube.

MacGyver the Lizard

MacGyver is an Argentine red tegu lizard that gained fame for his intelligence, friendly personality, and prominent jowls. He is considered a good ambassador for his species due to his docile and affectionate behavior.

He was hatched in Florida in 2012 and became an internet sensation after a viral video of him was posted on YouTube. Since then, he has starred in many videos, showing his ability to come when called and showcasing his favorite foods like salmon, eggs, cherries, and grapes. He is also known for cuddling with his owners.

Mark Rob

Mark Rober is an American YouTuber and engineer who has become a global sensation for his innovative and informative videos. He first gained notoriety in 2008 when his homemade “Destroy scam callers” video went viral, scoring millions of views on YouTube

Since then, he has built a successful career by posting content related to engineering and science topics such as physics, technology, current events, and storytelling. Rober’s channel now boasts over 23 million subscribers thanks to his humorous approach to teaching viewers about complex subjects like robotics or energy efficiency.

Matteo Moroni

Matteo Moroni is a popular YouTuber who has entertained his viewers since 2012. His channel, Matteo Cavone, is incredibly successful, with over 4 million subscribers and millions of views on each video. He produces content ranging from comedy sketches to vlogs about his everyday life.

His unique humor and positive attitude make him a favorite among his fans. Moroni often collaborates with other YouTubers to create funny skits and challenge videos, which have recently gained immense popularity.

Max Mille

Max Miller is a YouTuber known for his channel Tasting History. He started his career in voice acting and moved from New York City to Los Angeles to pursue it. He was hired at Walt Disney Studios in marketing before transitioning to film distributio

However, during a vacation, where he and a friend watched The Great British Bake Off, Miller became inspired to start cooking and began bringing cakes and mini-lectures to his coworkers. That led to his YouTube channel, Tasting History with Max Miller.


Merton is an American YouTube musician and personality who gained fame in March 2010 for creating videos of himself interacting with people on Chatroulette and Omegle. He sits at a piano and improvises songs about his observations of the people he meets or story ideas suggested by them.

Merton’s first video was highly rated, making it the highest-rated video in history. His musical style has been compared to Randy Newman and Ben Folds. Merton lives in Colorado, and there was speculation that he was, in fact, Ben Folds, but both have denied this.

T-Mobile later hired him to do some public events in the United Kingdom. Merton has over 304 k subscribers on YouTube.

Nataly Dawn

Nataly Dawn is a Youtuber and musician who has gained widespread popularity for her unique ukulele-based covers of popular songs. She is best known for her collaborations with other notable female YouTubers, such as Kina Grannis, and her solo music career.

Olan Rogers

Olan Rogers is a famous American YouTuber, actor, and writer. He rose to prominence when his YouTube channel OlanRogers hit 1 million subscribers in 2018, becoming one of the most subscribed YouTubers in his niche.

Rachel Hofstetter

Rachel Hofstetter is a popular YouTuber and influencer. She is best known for her comedic videos and lifestyle vlogs. Rachel has built an avid following with viewers who appreciate her down-to-earth, humorous approach to everyday life. Her channel, Valkyrie, currently has over 3 million subscribers and counting.

Moreover, she was named one of the Top 30 Most Influential Women Under 30 by Forbes Magazine in 2017 for her contribution towards causing positive change through channels like YouTube and Instagram.

Roman Atwood

Roman Atwood is a successful American Youtuber, comedian, vlogger, and prankster who has achieved great success in his career. Atwood started as an amateur filmmaker and began creating videos on YouTube in 2009.

Since then, he has become one of the most popular YouTubers on the platform, with over 10 million subscribers worldwide. His signature comedic style and unique pranks have made him stand out from other content creators. His videos typically feature various jokes, often set up in public places with friends and family members as participants.

Rose Ellen Dix, Rosie Spaughton

Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie Spaughton are two popular British YouTubers. Rose is a Welsh vlogger known for her videos about LGBTQ+ topics, mental health, and pop culture. She has amassed an audience of 1 million subscribers since she first launched her channel in 2012.

Rose also makes music and is currently signed to Universal Music Group in the United Kingdom.

Rosie is also a British vlogger with over 1 million subscribers on YouTube. Her content mainly consists of comedy skits, song covers, parodies, and advice videos about being LGBTQ+. She works closely with Rose on numerous projects, such as their podcast “Rose & Rosie,” which they started in 2017.

Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia is an up-and-coming YouTuber from Los Angeles, California. His channel, RyanGarciaYT, has over seven million subscribers and counting. Growing in popularity with each passing day, Ryan’s presence on the platform is undeniable. He regularly uploads content centered around gaming and vlogging for his viewers to enjoy.

Ryan began his YouTube career in 2016 when he was only fifteen. His channel began overgrowing.

Ryan Letourneau

Ryan Letourneau, also known as Northernlion, is a popular YouTuber known for creating Let’s Play videos of various indie games. He made his YouTube channel “Northernlion” on May 30, 2006, and began posting content full-time in 2011.

One of his most popular Let’s Play series was The Binding of Isaac, which helped him gain an online following and increased the game’s popularity. He is also credited with popularizing other video games such as Enter the Gungeon, Slay the Spire, and Monster Train.

Letourneau is known for his informative and tactical approach to his videos and his quick wit. Northernlion has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

Scott Manley

Scott Manley is a popular YouTuber who primarily focuses on video games, particularly space-related flight simulators. He is best known as the creator of Humble Sidestep, an educational channel devoted to teaching viewers about all aspects of rocket science and space exploration.

Manley’s content primarily covers rocket propulsion, orbital mechanics, physics simulations, and hardware reviews related to gaming hardware and software.

The celebrities in this story all enjoy different careers while also giving back to the community. These careers include acting, music, fashion, fitness, and technology.

They all have a passion for their work and are committed to positively impacting the world. Each has made a difference in their lives by pursuing their passions and working hard to impact the world positively.

YouTube has seen an immense amount of talent over the years. From comedy to gaming, YouTubers have created content that has enriched lives worldwide.

The 50 most incredible YouTubers of all time represent some of the best and brightest YouTube has ever seen. Not only were they able to produce excellent content, but they were also able to cultivate a supportive and encouraging community for viewers to appreciate.

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